GTA V PC MODS Download – Kombowz MOD Compilation – Pack 01

GTA V PC MODS Download – Kombowz MOD Compilation – Pack 01

In this LIVE Stream of “GTA V PC MODS Download – Kombowz MOD Compilation – Pack 01 – GTA 5 PC MODS”. I will be showcasing some mods that I’ve downloaded and put together. In this GTA V PC MODS Pack I have NOT made any of the mods myself included in the stream or the installer. I created the installer for those that want to try the mods that are showcased in this stream with an easy way to install them. I’ve also included a credits file for those that would like to know who is responsible for the mods.

*** CREDITS ***
Kombowz MOD Compilation Pack 01 – Kombowz
script hook v 1.0.350.2a – Alexander Blade
script hook v .net 0.9 – Crosire
Firebeather v2 (“PAUSE” Breathe Fire) – Kokolaty
Native Trainer (“F4” OPEN, “numpad keys” NAV, “backspace” GO BACK) – Alexander Blade
nice fly 2.5 (“H” TOGGLE, “LShift” Speed Boost, “S” Fly Up) – chileno
Ped Suicide 0.1a (“AIM” at ped, “Y” SUICIDE) – JediJosh920
Player / Ped Ragdoll 1.1 (“U” Everyone, “I” All Peds, “O” YOU) – lunchxbles
pull out strap (“J” pull out handgun) – JediJosh920
vehicle cannon 2.0 (“F11” TOGGLE) – flocraftMods

The MOD Compilation Installer can be found here:…

Enjoy, Kombowz

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