Caseco Core 360° – World’s Smallest Universal Magnetic Mount

Caseco Core 360° – World’s Smallest Universal Magnetic Mount


Caseco Core 360° – World’s Smallest Universal Magnetic Mount

A Home For Your Device
Your device now has a home with the Core 360°. No more awkwardly placing your phone on your lap, in the passenger seat, or in the cup holder. Drive like you were meant to drive, fumble-free and relaxed.

Simply Convenient
The Core 360° is as easy as pie. Just hover your phone near the magnet, then with a satisfying snap your phone will be saddled up and ready to go!

A Cut Above The Rest
The Core 360° has the endurance it needs to withstand heat and leave no stain on your phone or dashboard. Other leading brands have adhesives that gradually get un-stuck and leave an unsightly mark.

The neodymium magnet is so strong that it won’t fail even on the bumpiest of roads. We made sure to use the strongest, lightest magnets available, allowing for the smallest possible form factor.

…and Stability.
Rotate your device any which way you like. The simple mechanism inside the Core 360° allows for a full 360° rotation for both vertical and horizontal views. The Core 360° is always stationary.

Material Excellence
Built from the highest quality anodized aluminum alloy, the Core 360° features the strongest magnet you can obtain commercially—and it won’t damage your phone’s electronics! The metal ring is secured onto your phone with an industrial strength adhesive by 3M, and it’s so thin it’s practically invisible.

Secure your phone to the dashboard in your car. Mount it in your home office to watch movies. Stick it on the fridge to check recipes. The possibilities are endless! The Core 360° can also be used to mount a GPS unit.

The Core 360° comes with extra adhesives, should you choose to change its location or use a different device! The adhesive can be easily removed without leaving residue.

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